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If you think about it, “reflection” is an interesting word. Depending on the context, it can mean gazing backward in time, inward to your personal core, or outward at how others perceive you.  

Regardless of the view, we believe there’s great value in taking time to reflect on both the global and personal experiences looming large or small in your life. After all, time passes so terribly quickly, with so much going on. Even a brief look at history informs us this is nothing new. But this year’s fresh batch of headlines has certainly been no exception to the rule.  

Perhaps this is what the holiday season is made for: Amidst the outpouring of year-end occasions, we hope you’ll also take some time to pause.  

And reflect.  

Are you unsure just where to aim your reflections? Here are some sources of inspiration.  

Reflect on the value of living a simple life … or not:  

“Sometimes I honestly want to live in a plain room with a narrow bed, a chair, a table. But then I would need a bookcase. I would see a poster I must put on the wall. I would pick up a shell here, a bowl or vase there, another poster, enough books for two bookcases, a soft rug someone might give me—and where would the first plainness be? I cannot fight too hard against it, but I regret it.”  

— M.F.K. Fisher, Sister Age 


Reflect on what it means to live a “rich” life (emphasis ours):  

“A ‘good’ retirement doesn’t always involve changing careers or saving the planet. As I’ve noted in this space, retirement, at its best, can give you the time to live ordinary life well … to pursue a daily routine that’s rich with the commonplace.”  

— Glenn Ruffenach, When Is It Time to Retire? 


Reflect on your role in the world, and how even small acts can make a big difference:  

“I’m happiest when bouncing thoughts off those who share my interest in trying to solve the world’s many riddles. So, it is in the pursuit of happiness that I set out chairs, pour drinks, and organize groups.” 

— Madeleine Albright, Hell and Other Destinations 


Reflect on how each of us really does matter:  

“Naysayers will claim that taking personal action is trivial, an empty gesture in the face of a problem so large. But that position is wrong, and not just slightly wrong; it is the opposite of the truth. In nature, we have seen how the responses of individual organisms determine the fates of populations, species, and entire ecological communities. The same pattern applies to society.”  

— Thor Hanson, Hurricane Lizards and Plastic Squid 


Reflect on the role serendipity plays in our lives; when hope seems lost, remember how many ways the world just may pleasantly surprise us yet:  

“The role of accidents, chance and serendipity can be crucial to success. It’s the reason people still watch a black-and-white film [It’s a Wonderful Life] every year. … A curious part of success is how much of it comes from lucky errors.” 

— Ben Cohen
The Christmas Movie That Became a Classic Because of a Mistake 


What else are you reflecting on this holiday season? You may not resolve all of the world’s challenges by year-end. But by granting yourself space to reflect on your own and others’ perspectives, you just may discover hidden paths, not yet explored:  

“So very often you can make a major advance not necessarily by adding something, but just by looking at what’s already there with new eyes.”  

— Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Web 


This is what we wish for you and your loved ones, this and every holiday season 

In Warm Gratitude,  

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