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Denver Private Wealth Management is thrilled to announce the addition of Matt Lengel, CFP® to our team. Matt brings with him a wealth of knowledge about the financial planning industry and looks forward to educating his clients about their finances and how they can achieve their goals. Welcome Matt!


What inspired you to become a financial advisor?

As the son of two educators it’s in my blood to teach. My older brother is currently a teacher at the high school we attended, so runs in the family. While it’s in my blood to educate, I was also the 12-year-old kid with a lawn mowing business. I wanted to find a career that let me marry the two: my passion for analyzing and understanding how to make money grow with my love for teaching others.


Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

I started working at a large bank when I got out of college called M&T Bank. While it was a great place to learn the industry, it helped me appreciate that I felt more at home in a smaller company where I felt like I could make a bigger impact.

I passed the CFP exam at the age of 25 and once I passed, I joined a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the Philadelphia suburbs called Kathmere Capital Management. I was exposed to so much during my time there and learned the inner workings of constructing a wealth management firm. They believed in me enough to let me open a Denver presence for them, which is what I was doing before transitioning to DPWM.


What made you decide to join Denver Private Wealth Management?

The opportunity to work with a group of people who were in the business for all the right reasons was very appealing. It’s apparent how much DPWM cares for their clients. As someone not from Denver, I found it exciting to see the team atmosphere and resources at DPWM’s disposal for helping their clients, from their investment management strategies, to financial planning resources and everything in between.


What do you enjoy most about working in the financial services industry?

I love being an educator and helping others understand more about their financial journey. That moment when I’ve helped alleviate some financial stress for my client and I watch them walk out the door with more confidence and a clearer direction is my motivation. Anyone can help with the numbers, but I try to connect the emotional side of their lives with their finances. Helping people achieve their goals and achieve clarity around their money is why I love what I do.


What are you goals with working with DPWM?

My goals with DPWM is to be a great team member and advocate for the firm. DPWM is doing some great stuff and it’s my job to get involved in the community and make people aware of the resources that are available when it comes to their finances.


What do you like to do for fun outside the office?

Outside of the office you can find me doing something active. I love playing golf, pick-up basketball, snowboarding, or running around Denver with friends. I also coach youth baseball in my spare time. Having played baseball in college it’s my way of staying around the game and installing a passion for the game in the next generation of players.