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These days, work can feel like a series of chores, where you’re constantly hustling for a paycheck. You get so bogged down in the day-to-day that sometimes it’s hard to step back and define what the purpose of all your hard work is. Without clearly defined goals and objectives, you can feel like you’re spinning your wheels without any real understanding of your financial progress. 


Purpose Drives Action


Human beings feel more emotionally centered when they have a purpose, a game plan- something to strive for. When it comes to your finances, it’s important to understand what you want out of your money.


  • Early retirement?
  • Vacation home?
  • Tuition for your kids’ college?
  • More time on the golf course?


Everyone has different ideas of what financial independence and fulfillment looks like, and there are no wrong answers. But there is one thing all of these scenarios have in common: you have to create a plan to get there.


There’s only one wrong path, and that’s making more money just to make more money. You can always save more, you can always work more hours, but chasing more commas in your bank account will always leave you thinking you could be doing “more” because there’s always more money to be made! 


It’s crucial to know your “why,” which is something we focus on at DPWM. We can help you answer that all important question, “What are you working for?” Once we know what you’re chasing we can implement strategies to get you there. It’s our job to help you set a clear course with actionable steps to make progress towards your goal. If our analysis shows you only need to save 10% of your income to reach your goals, why beat yourself up if you didn’t save 15%?  


Time is the most valuable resource in the world. You can always work harder and for longer hours but doing so will deprive you of the things you want to spend your money on in the first place. Financial independence and letting your money work for you gives you the opportunity to have more time put back into your days.


How do you want to spend it?


Even if the answer is that you want to keep working, it will be calming to know you are financially secure enough if you don’t want to work. By clearly defining your goals and implementing a plan to reach them, you no longer have to feel guilty about ducking out early to catch your kid’s baseball game or go to that happy hour to connect with old friends. That is why creating a plan and having someone help guide you along the path to your goals is such an important part of personal fulfillment.


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