Denver Private Wealth Management specializes in fee-based discretionary asset management for individuals and families. We customize portfolios based on your financial goals and work closely with you, your tax advisors and estate attorneys to form a comprehensive view of your financial situation. Our goal is to minimize risk, taxes and expenses while maximizing return. We utilize a variety of institutional research and resources, along with the expertise of an in-house Chartered Financial Analyst charter holder, to help develop unique comprehensive portfolios for each client.


Each portfolio is customized based on the client’s time horizon, cash flow needs, willingness to accept risk, and tax situation. The foundation of our portfolio construction is rooted in Modern Portfolio Theory, but incorporates up to twenty-four asset classes to better capture the full investable market. Our portfolio construction philosophy concentrates on minimizing both expenses and volatility within the portfolios. Volatility can be further reduced in our portfolios through the addition of alternative investments, which offer the potential for capturing returns regardless of the direction of markets or interest rates. We further customize portfolios by determining if individual fixed income securities will meet client’s cash flow needs, or if actively managed solutions are needed to mitigate interest rate risk while still reducing the volatility within the portfolio. We also realize markets are dynamic; as a result, so are our portfolios. We meet frequently to synthesize both macro and security-level research and determine the weighting and conviction levels within our portfolios, resulting in solutions that are designed to serve your long-term needs while still being responsive to current market conditions.


At Denver PWM, professional financial planning is a core element of our commitment to comprehensive and personalized wealth management. We work diligently, following a thorough, defined financial planning process, to understand you and to help you identify your risks and opportunities, goals and priorities. For more information Click Here


 Denver Private Wealth Management utilizes trusted insurance partners to meet Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Insurance needs. This approach provides broad access to the entire insurance marketplace enabling us to provide very competitive and fully customized insurance solutions that best serve your needs.


Denver Private Wealth Management recognizes that tax conscious investment planning and tax efficient portfolio construction are essential to help maximize the growth and protection of your wealth. We employ tax strategies including selection of tax advantaged securities, and tax activities such as loss harvesting and capital gains avoidance. “Tax location” is considered in our portfolio construction, placing your more highly taxable investments in tax sheltered accounts or contracts.

DPWM does not give tax advice, please consult your tax professional for specific information regarding your individual situation.


DPWM is experienced in wealth transfer strategies to ensure your estate will be maximized and transferred to loved ones, and purposes, effectively and as you expect.  We emphasize communication with your legal team to implement advanced legacy planning strategies including Lifetime Gifting and Family, Marital and Credit Shelter Trusts. To achieve your philanthropic aims, Private Foundations, Charitable Trust and Donor Advised Funds may be utilized. In these situations, suitably dedicated investment strategies are employed.


As evidenced by our involvement in the community, charities and charitable giving are an integral part of Denver PWM’s philosophy. We will work with your tax advisor to help you efficiently plan your charitable giving to maximize contributions to the charities you care most about while also minimizing your tax liabilities in the future.